Ongoing Services

JCL has developed efficient and detailed systems to offer a complete service offering to our clients – essentially, implementation and contract management of the deal arising from tender.  This service compliments our tender program as we ensure that the results of the tender are applied to all sites efficiently and consistently for the life of the new contract.  Our systems enable clients to pay their bills with confidence as we check and validate the bills issued by retailers.  We can also provide a full budget calculation to enable planning of future spend.

A general outline of our ongoing services follows:

  • Oversight of site transfers (to new retailer at commencement of contract and starts/ends during contract)
  • Site changes, eg additions, deletion (ending) or upgrades
  • Electricity network tariff reviews and demand resets to ensure least cost applied
  • Energy data management
  • Monthly bill checking & validation
  • Monthly usage monitoring & reporting
  • Usage data archiving
  • Invoice history tracking
  • Full budget calculations
  • Green energy and environmental reporting
  • Ongoing advice, development of systems and support